Motorkhana Training/Come-and-Try Round Part 2

  • February 18, 2023
  • 17:15 - 22:00
  • SMP Wet Skidpan
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  • Current Members of the Impreza WRX Club
  • Current Members of the Impreza WRX Club
  • This is for people who are not currently members of the Impreza WRX Club.

    Please use the web address below to become a member of the Impreza WRX Club using the code which will be e-mailed to you once your registration has been completed.

    Please note that as a Motorsport Australia Permit will be used on the day, you will need to purchase a Motorsport Australia - Competition License. You can reference club membership as part of the application.

    These can be purchased online from the Motorsport Australia Member Portal (you can create an account and access this portal here

    More info on this license is available here (
  • This is for people who are members of another Motorsport Australia affiliated club.

    As a Motorsports Australia permit will be used, membership of an affiliated club is required.

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Following on from part 1, the Impreza WRX Club is presenting a special driver training event on the 18th February covering additional skills (independent from part 1).

This is a great opportunity to learn new skills for controlling and sliding your car in a safe and controlled, low-traction environment! For Motorkhana veterans, it is a chance to develop your skills outside the pressure of a championship round.

The event will follow a simple motorkhana format where you navigate a wet-skidpan course marked by witches hats. 

We will have experienced competitors available who can sit alongside you, teaching you not only how to slide but also critical driving skills to help you in emergency situations on the road.

How to Enter

Click the Register button on the bottom-left side of this screen.

What to Bring (on the day)

Other Information 

Supplementary Regulations for the event: 2023 MK - Training 1 Supp Regs.pdf


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